Should You Renovate Your Home?

Should I renovate my home – should I not?” Don’t peel off petals from the flowers trying to arrive at a right decision. For, home renovation in Perth is on war footings, and almost half of the population is cracking their brains over it. It is an effective way to go for a change and add value to your properties as well.

home renovation imageThough the over-eager enthusiasts have a nasty habit of going over budget, and there areplenty of them in WA and Perth itself more than anywhere else in Australia. A survey has revealed that if the average renovation budget in Australia went over by $3000, in WA the average went over by whooping $6000. And almost half of them went for renovation to add-value to their property. Hence, put on your thinking cap before you make a decision on your renovation budget.

And to arrive at a cost-price is simple. Research, research, and research, and along with it get professional advice. If possible only go for minor updates like a new coat of paint, or tidying up your house and garden. Making a realist budget is part of the advice, and identifying the various costs involved in the works. Save some dents to your purse by pitching in to do safe works yourself as well.

Renovate your key areas including your front exterior, bathroom, kitchen, and open areas, with cost-effective updates. Don’t spend too much on things which can’t be seen, but do not compromise on quality. For, few quality fitting can bring a sea of change to your homes.

With some of these tips get your budget on a lower side, and when you reach on a decision, whistle for renovators to come running for their services. One of the project managers will contact and he will be your only point of contact, and he will take care of all the various renovations required.

Interior design and color are one of the keys, to give a new style to your homes. With right shades, lighting, colors, and furnishing you make your homes breath liveliness. Then you can focus on your flooring as well. The renovating companies are adapted to handle all types of floorings including timber, and you can get budget friendly quality laminated timber to adorn your floors. Or, you can go for real hardwood timber if that is what you want, and there are plenty of options to choose from.

If you want to enhance the beauty of your interiors, choose your carpets appropriately. They can be the hardest of choices to make, whether to go for plushest, the luxurious one for the feel and looks, or go the hardened ones. But whichever you choose, they add a different color to your home’s beauty.

You can try out a pool besides your living room to give the feel it is right inside, and it will definitely add value to your homes. Though do not overcapitalize, assess whether your hard-earned money will add its due value to your homes. And yes, renovations are the talk of the town, and it seems to remain that way for times to come.


Quick Tip: By Ken from Metro Synthetic

metro synthetic perth

Installing your own artificial grass perth can help you save the money you would otherwise spent on a professional installer. All you have to do is follow these simple instructions and you will have your synthetic lawn in no time and see this

Step #1: Excavate the Area You Want to Place Your Lawn In
Before you start anything, make sure that you have marked the area you want to place your new synthetic lawn in. If you already have a lawn here or any other kind of soil, make sure to remove it to a depth of about 70mm. Once you do that, be ready to fill the excavated area with 60mm of blue metal dust. This is for the pedestrian area. If you want a car traffic area, on the other hand, you will need to remove the soil to a depth of 100mm and fill it afterward to 80mm depth of road base and another 10mm of blue metal dust. If there is reticulation (pipe network) present, you can simply cap the pop-up sprinklers.
Step #2: Install the Base
Once you have the area excavated to a proper depth, fill it with blue metal dust. A bit of warning beforehand. Blue metal dust is liable to compact down to 50mm, so you should compensate for that. Now screed the area carefully and compact it with the help of a vibrating plate compactor. Dampen the area with water to low areas you will need to fill again and compact once more.
Step #3: Install the Artificial Grass Perth
In the case of synthetic lawn, the fibers will all be aligned in a single position. Make sure that the grain is running in the same direction when you lay the full parts of lawn. Cut it to the size you wish by using a simple knife. You should also make sure that the seams on the artificial lawn are cut close to the “grain” or the “rib”. This will allow the two pieces to be better placed. Lay the lawn down and cut it leaving 50mm or so around the edges. Make sure that there is about 5mm space between the pieces. Next, fold each lawn piece about 400-500mm and lay the joining tape with the silver side facing the ground down the two pieces center. Use the lawn pins and secure the tape at each end. Peel the protection tape and place the two pieces back together. Finally, trim the edges, pin the outside edges 30mm in and 300mm apart and pin the joins to get that extra strength.
Step #4: Filling it With Sand
Use a garden broom to brush the lawn. Be sure to brush it against the grain. It’s also best if you use a stiffer broom. Spread the dried sand evenly across the lawn by using your hands or a shovel. There should be about 5-10mm depth, depending on the pile height of your lawn. Even the sand by brushing again and that’s it, you just installed your own artificial grass perth! Congrats!

Little Things Go Unnoticed Until its Too Late…

One of the most common reasons customers decide to call a roof restoration company is when its already too late. Their roof is already damaged and the rain is coming straight into the house.

I recently had a chat with the guys from who specialise in bathroom renovations and kitchen renovations in perth. We came to the conclusion that its very common to see service providers in our same industry not providing enough information to our customers that they eventually end up having to call someone like us to complete the job. This is mainly because there are some little pieces of information that are incredibly important that might not matter at this point in time, but if it was noticed and fixed then future problems would not have came upon.

Something like, if a tiny crack in a roof tile or a tiny crack on a bathroom wall was noticed earlier on, you could have avoided a hole in the ceiling or a wet patch through the other tiles.

So next time you call a company to service your home, make sure to ask them to provide a thorough inspection and tell you if there are any thing that requires attention.

Choosing the right roofer

Roof Restoration is a long term investment. Providing safety, value and less maintenence. Provided you are being served by a trusted professional, you can be rest assured the standard of workmanship is second to none.

There many ranges of roof tiles, paint and products to consider when thinking about a new roof.

A professional roofer can provide tailor-made roofing and guttering solutions to suit you. This will ensure your roof is as low maintenance with the proper drainage as possible. It will also enhance the look of your home and increase the value.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us and we will endeavour to get back to you asap.

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